Alimatha Aquatic Resort

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Alimatha Aquatic Resort is located in Felidhe Atoll, an area famous for its abundant fish life and Scuba Diving. A paradise dream in real life, with more than 1 km of white beaches and aquamarine lagoons.

Alimatha is located on the eastern reef of the Felidhe Atoll, 40 miles north of the international Airport ‘Hulhule’, 20 minutes by seaplane from the airport and 90 minutes by speed boat.

Beach bungalows & over water bungalows accommodate our guests. Bungalows line the white sand beach, while over water bungalows are built on columns over the lagoon.

Location: North Male’ Atoll | Distance from Airport: 164 KM | Transfer: Seaplane 20 mins | Rooms: 260


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